sentes ou alguma vez sentiste que te tornaste numa escrava das redes sociais?

sim já senti isso for a while, agora not at all

omg quem me dera poder estudar em tokio, it's so pretty. em principio vais estudar o quê?

i know!! vou estudar a língua, cultura e literatura. como são só três meses não vou ter tempo para muito mais :( mas a carga horária é excelente e vou ter imenso tempo para ver a cidade which is really cool

U get so many Mexican questions and I'm just like no comprendo nada ??¿¿

im not even gonna fight u on the mexican anymore ily skype date soon please

kaonashian tries so hard to be you, she sent herself the questions you got here on tumblr and replied with the things you replied and copied all your tumblr pages. she even copies your descriptions on instagram

i tried talking to her but she couldn’t even be arsed to reply i’m fucking done i stg what the fuck is wrong w these people i’m reporting her acc lmao

quando é que começaste a fumar?
it was a dark and stormy night in the year of 1947
retrograde by james blake
won't give up by colony house
don't swallow the cap by the national
i wanna be a witch by teen suicide
elephant by tame impala
wandering star tropic (remix polica)