i wanna be haunted i wanna be loved i want a lot of friends and a lot of drugs i wanna be haunted i won’t leave my bed i won’t go crazy and i won’t get sad so haunt me haunt me haunt me ooo


 palefully yours 
I was thinking about
swallowing a bottle of pills.
But I didn’t want to die.
I wanted to wake up a new person,
in a new life.

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from the book ‘it’ by alexa chung
Anonymous:  why arent u close to anyone anymore :// i mean u used to have so many good friends and now i never really see u talking much to people?

i just don’t feel like getting hurt anymore lmao




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Anonymous:  onde compras as tuas camisas babe?

secondhand stores ou armário da margarida

Anonymous:  Tudo é irrelevante, logo caguemos nas introduções e passemos imediatamente ao sexo.

no thank u

this box is basically useless i put it here just bc i rly like this kind of box i am v sorry (also i know autoplay is annoying as heck but dont worry its pretty music) (i love u)

alt-j - arrival in nara
pianos become the teeth - repine
the national - don't swallow the cap
teen suicide - everything is going to hell
mogway - take me somewhere nice